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I’m sorry to do this so impersonally, but it’s longer than a text and I can’t do the phone. This is what I know:

Baker’s drinking problem was much worse than I ever would have guessed. He was walking up the basement stairs, looked down at his son, looked up at the ceiling and started to throw up. Then he fell down the stairs, continued to vomit and lost consciousness. They worked for 30 min trying to revive him.

His wife, Florence, requested an autopsy, so it will be 3 days before that process ends. No conversations about arrangements have been started. The arrangements will be handled by Leete in Enfield.

I just returned from his house. His wife and son seem to be doing ok. There address is 6 Edgewood St. Enfield 06082.

My apologies if this seems cold. He was a hero and a favorite of mine. I just wanted to get you the info I had. I will follow up as I know anything.


Anthem’s Certification Site Opens July 1!

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is right around the corner.  Be an early bird and be “Ready to Sell” in order to maximize your selling opportunity and put more money in your pocket.  CMS requires agents to complete annual compliance and product training in order to market Medicare Advantage and Part D products. To meet the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield certification requirements and be Ready to Sell, you must complete the Anthem 2017 Product Training in addition tothe AHIP Compliance Training.

Anthem makes it easy as you can complete both the AHIP Training and Anthem’s product training modules by accessing our  Medicare Certification Training Center through the Producer Toolbox (PTB) beginning July 1 where you can compete all modules under 2017 AHIP Compliance Training and 2017 Product Training in one easy step.  In addition, by using the Anthem PTB to complete your certification, your access code will automatically populate. Click on the following link to the Producer Toolbox:

Producer Toolbox

To access the Medicare Certification Training Center through the Producer Toolbox:

1.      Log in to the agent section of the Anthem web site.

2.      Click the Legacy portal tab in the center/lower portion of your screen.

3.      Click on your state.

4.      Click on the Senior Tab in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

5.      Click the Medicare Advantage/Part D certification and Sales Events link.

6.      Scroll down a bit and click the Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug Certification and Product Training/Sales Events link, and you’ll be redirected to the AHIP registration course.

For more information about certification requirements, click to see our Ready to Sell requirements here.

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Check your Inbox!  Watch for additional information in upcoming newsletters where we will include a link to the certification portal and more information about the Live The Dream Sweepstakes so you can complete your certification for 2017 and start making your dreams come true.


Should you have questions, please contact your Sales Director, Regional Sales Manager, or Agent Services by e-mail at or by phone at 1-800-633-4368.

CMS requires agents to complete annual compliance and product training (also known as certification*) in order to market Medicare Advantage and Part D products.

*Agents must have current licensure, Anthem certification and appointment in every state they sell in to be eligible for commission payment of sales or to pre-order/order Medicare Advantage enrollment kits.

Anthem reserves the right to make all rules and determinations regarding this program, and may modify or eliminate the program at any time without notice. No sales are required to be eligible for the sweepstakes.

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